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Your Osteopath in Gillingham and Medway

Andrew Ayriss BSC (Hons) D.O.


Osteopath in Gillingham, Medway

Mr. Ayriss was the Gillingham Osteopath based in the Sunlight Centre before moving to Watling Street in 2012. He is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of Osteopathic health care - as set by the General Osteopathic Council .

Mr. Ayriss is a specialist in the management of pain syndromes, in the treatment of pregnant women and in the treatment of babies. He travels throughout Europe delivering lectures to Orthopedic consultants, Neurologists , Pediatricians and Physiotherapists.

Simone Baldrich M. Ost. D.O

Simone is dedicated to delivering first class Osteopathic treatment and thorough back care advice to help you manage your problem effectively. As a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy she has a broad set of Osteopathic skills and a deep knowledge base. She always tailors her treatment to suit patients individual requirements. Simone particularly enjoys helping people with work related problems, sports injuries, pregnancy related discomfort and age related problems. 

Things you may like about our approach to Osteopathy are:

  • The time that we take to fully understand your problem and explain what is happening
  • We have a reputation for being gentler than other practitioners, and will apply spinal adjustments with precision and minimal force
  • craniosacral osteopathy in the sunlight centre gillingham medway
  • We are experienced in applying classical Body Adjustment , Cranio - Sacral and Visceral Osteopathic techniques
  • We offer user friendly exercises
  • We are fast to recognize if other investigations or treatment may be required, and will refer you when appropriate

Testimonials - the testimonials on this site are from real patients. They are taken from our FACEBOOK and Google page. They are not fake reviews written by friends or family members (like you will often see on other practitioners websites).

"Absolutely fantastic. Andrew worked wonders...very professional but makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.". Mrs. S. Bromton, Gillingham

"Andrew Ayriss is a very clever man. I had been suffering with dreadful neck pain and shoulder pain for 18 months. After returning to GPs on several occasions, taking a concoction of painkillers (that made me feel very ill at times), having Physio and even consulting a private GP I finally consulted Andrew. Within half an hour he had asked me more about my problem and examined me more thoroughly than any of the previous practitioners I had seen so far. Andrew worked out where my symptoms were coming from there and then. Even though he was not able to treat my condition himself, he did point me to the right specialist who agreed with the Andrews suspicions and perfomed and ultrasound to clarify the diagnosis. I then got appropriate treatment. Half an hour with Andrew has been a turning point of my life. I was so distressed and at the end of my tether because none of the other specialists had been able to work out why I was suffering so much. I am truly grateful and will be visiting Andrew first instead of last in the future." Mrs. L. Rainham

"Andrew Ayriss managed to turn me into someone who could barely get up on the treatment table to someone who could do handstands within 6 weeks. Ok, not quite handstands but I went back to playing football and golf in that time. Prices very reasonable and whether you are a believer in Osteo or think it's all voodoo, it certainly worked. Fully recommended." Mr. S. Gillingham

"What can I say, Andrew is a fantastic osteopath, I saw instant results after my then 5 week old had his first treatment, 2 further treatments and he is 100% better than he was. A much more settled and happy baby.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for Austin and my sanity !!!

Will recommend you to everyone" - Mrs C. Medwa

"I have been seeing Andrew occasionally for a few years now. He is highly skilled and has never failed to resolve any pain or discomfort in my back sometimes with only one or two visits. His friendly, relaxed and non judgemental manner added to his skills make him an excellent osteopath who I would and have recommended to many." Mr. S. Rochester

"Definitely recommend Andrew to anyone! Great at putting me at ease as I had never visited an osteopath before and worked wonders on my back!" - Mrs. H. Gillingham

"Andrew has today discharged my 9 week old son, after transforming him from a screaming crying non sleeping baby to a happy enjoyable little boy. I am so glad that I found bodylinks and am so thankful to Andrew for helping us when we needed it the most. Have already recommended Andrew to a number of people and will continue to do so.

Thank you so much!" - Mrs. F. Rainham

"Andrew worked wonders for my baby! Would highly recommend." - Mrs H. Medway

"Excellent osteopath, he has helped me and many friends and family over the years!" - Mrs. C. Wigmore

"I visited Andrew with my 4 month old daughter who was struggling to sleep comfortably and suffered a lot with sickness. The treatment she received has made such a difference and has transformed her into a much more settled baby. Will be highly recommending to friends and family!" - Mrs. H. Chatham

For information and appointments contact our receptionists on:

07886 636 169

Click here for a map of how to find us

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